Piedmont Repeater System

Welcome to the Piedmont  repeater system.

This repeater system was established for the promotion of fellowship and radio activity. We encourage any repeater owner to consider linking in. A list of repeaters can be found on the Repeater List tab. Every owner would be responsible for their equipment.  It is basically easy, and helps promote activity and expand coverage beyond your average area and ours. This repeater system is also independent from any club, so we are not sponsored by any club or entity. Just repeater owners with a common goal. Thanks for stopping by, and please join our group for updates to the system.

 If you would like to contact me, (KF4OVA) Please send me an email to Keith1971@hotmail.com.

Or you can catch me on the repeater system. I monitor the system regularly.


  We are currently looking for repeaters that are on the air so we can link them, If traffic is low on your repeater. We want to promote activity on all bands, and I think this is the best way to do that. So if you have a repeater, lets do some linking. If you want to try us out, 442.425 will encode decode as does 444.625, so no audio passes after cor is gone. Just let me know that you are linking, and what frequency your repeater is on. I'll add it to the list of repeaters on the Repeater list page. Thanks again for your support in amateur radio and our common cause. We set up a method of linking, so there is no limit to how many machines that can be linked.


The reason for the system

I was discouraged back in my first years as a ham. I was a Victim of bullying on the repeater that was located in Greensboro N.C. 443.500 back in 1996 1997. I was pretty much ran off the repeater by a "Repeater patrol." I spent 5 minutes a day on the repeater because I couldn't talk back to home in the day, but could at night simplex. I spent from the years 1997 til 2005 as a deadbeat ham. I didn't use my Ham gear because of this incident. I coordinated my First Repeater on 444.625 in May of 2005 with the assistance of John Abraham KE4QOX and Alex Hedrick W8FWL. Then I told everyone they were invited to use the system. This began the Kernersville repeaters. Followed was 53.010 ,442.975. Then I expressed to a local ham Friend about expanding to 2 meters. 146.865 was available to coordinate with the assistance of John Laughlin KD4LHP. After that was done, we used the repeaters in a linked configuration. After we got the system running we had to call it something. Naming all the repeater frequencies during  net wouldn't cut it during announcements. So we took the name Piedmont Repeater System. After we established the web site, users asked for 220 MHz repeater. So We coordinated 224.340. Now we are multi Band Multi Frequency system. I want to thank everyone for using the system. We put the repeaters here for you the users.  If you have any questions about the system, Email me at Keith1971@hotmail.com


For those of you who want to donate funds to the repeater system, it is not required. But if you  feel obligated to do so, please make check payable to Keith Brady. In the memo section, write repeater fund. I have set up a bank account separate from mine to use. Thanks again for your support in this venture.

Yahoo Group is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/triad_repeaters You can sign up and get updates on the system when they happen Email is triad_repeaters@yahoogroups.com