Piedmont Repeater System

IRLP Dialing information

     Echolink information is on the bottom of the page 

Here are some helpful information about using our IRLP node to connect to other systems

1) Please make sure there are no conversations in progress before you connect the node or disconnect.

2) Please give your callsign out on the air before sending DTMF tones. Let the folks know what your intentions are. (Connecting or disconnecting)

 3) Please, When you are done talking to the party on the other node system, please disconnect the node, unless the other party states they are going to do it. If the node stays logged onto another node or reflector for an extended amount of time without the consent of the respected owners, our node could be blocked by the node owners or reflector owners.



Reflectors we currently are active on are as follows:

 9668 Micro-Node Reflector for the Monday thru saturday Good morning nets, and friday night net(FNN)

 9669 Micro-Node Reflector for the Tuesday Night FM Net

 9210 Raleigh Reflector For Casual talk. This reflector is open for extended time use. We are allowed to link here for unlimited time. It has been authorized by the Raleigh Repeater Group.


If you want to connect to a node use these guidelines please:

1) Key up and give your call

2) Dial the node number or reflector number you want to contact (XXXX) always four digits

3) Pause between transmissions to allow others to get in the conversation or other nodes to disconnect.( Count to 5 Before Keying back up) Enjoy your conversation

4) Disconnect from the node or reflector,(Dial 73)

 The following repeaters can dial the node directly using 25 then Number. For example (25)  (8311)  to Connect or (25) (73) to disconnect 25 tells the controller what you are doing with the DTMF Digits.




IRLP node information can be found using this link. it will redirect you to IRLP website http://www.irlp.net/

click on All node to get the full list of nodes. Reflector usage to find the most popular node activity.

Remember to disconnect after your done talking. This is very important. Key up and Dial 25 73. It's that easy


http://stn4324.ip.irlp.net:8088 Here is the monitor link for one of our IRLP nodes. It will