Piedmont Repeater System

Repeater list as of 8/26/2019

We are in the process of linking these machines together. They are separated by sites. Currently all these repeaters are linked full time


53.010 - 88.5 PL Kernersville N.C. (On Air)

146.700- 107.2 PL Kernersville N.C. (Off Air) New

224.340- 88.5 PL Kernersville N.C. (On Air)


146.865+ 88.5 PL High Point N.C. (On Air)

444.625 + 107.2 PL High Point N.C. (On Air)


442.425+ 107.2 PL Fancy Gap VA (On Air)

 The WW4DC and KD4LHP Repeaters are being relocated to new sites. As the status of these machines change, we will update the page

We are looking for other repeater owners who want to expand coverage. If you are interested in joining our project, email me at Keith1971@hotmail.com


http://yaesusystemfusion.webs.com/ Here is a link to the Fusion Site I created for listing local fusions in our area

We will be loading a new page for the F.M. Net. The net runs at Tuesday night at 9pm on IRLP reflector 9214. Roster info and preamble will be loaded on the new page soon



Echo-IRLP System

IRLP 4324/ EchoLink 634613

IRLP 8311/ EchoLink 477057